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Regulating access to your business’s facilities is crucial to making it operate smoothly. Whether you are managing access for employees, contractors or vendors, allowing them proper access at the right time is key to keep things running smoothly.

With VIZpin you can control access to multiple sites securely and inexpensively. VIZpin lets you send electronic keys to anyone with a Bluetooth phone, perfect for managing access for those that you want to gain access at the time you want them to gain access. Access keys can be “One-Time” keys, great for events, or can last from 15 minutes to 15 years…and they can’t be copied. Change your mind? No problem, VIZpin electronic keys can be revoked easily anytime, from anywhere. And managing multiple locations is simple because your phone is your network and VIZpin works even when Wi-Fi and cellular networks don’t.


VIZpin is a Security as a Service (SaaS) portal you use to manage access to doors, gates, garages, cabinets, machines, storage units, vehicles or anything else a VIZpin-enabled device is connected to. Since your phone is your key and your network, there is no more need for expensive access control cards, panels, software and IT networks.

The VIZpin app, available for Android and iPhones, displays all your electronic keys, where they work and when they work. When you arrive, simply press the UNLOCK button. Your VIZpin-enabled device is activated via our secure, patented Bluetooth connection and that transaction is recorded at a secure server in the cloud. Each VIZpin account includes keys that let you send, revoke or monitor activity.

Don’t own a smartphone? We have you covered with a VIZpin FOB option.