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360 Technology Group Structured Cabling specializes in data cable installation, structured cabling installation, voice and data cabling, network installation and fiber optic installation. We’re your go-to low voltage contractor.
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Structured Cabling Solutions
Looking to add on to your existing low voltage wiring? In need of low voltage wiring for new construction? We’ve got a team of expert low voltage electricians and engineers that are ready to design, build and install your data cabling system.

Voice and Data Cabling

Get network cabling services that are tailored to your specific needs. Our data installers design systems that will support multiple hardware uses and meet current and future requirements.

Fiber Optic Installation

With higher bandwidth capacity and less susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, fiber optic cable installation is designed for high-performance data networking.

Low Voltage Electrician

Our electricians specialize in commercial low voltage wiring. We can assist your team in structured cabling installation for office buildings, retail facilities & new construction.

Low Voltage Contractor
Hire the best low voltage wiring contractor for your new construction or existing structured cabling needs. An experienced company that designs and installs voice, video, data and other commercial low voltage wiring systems is your best bet.

Low voltage wiring services

Communication Cabling Solutions For Your Business

You want a strong cabling infrastructure for optimum network function. Connect with a proven network cabling specialist for consultation, design, build, and installation of new or existing data cabling and Ethernet cabling services.

Office Network Cabling

Expect the best with 360 Technology Group’s expert network cable installation services for office voice and data cabling installations. Structured data cabling connects your computer, phone, copiers, wireless, cameras, and more to your phone and data network.

Data Center Cabling Solutions

Enhance your business agility with a properly planned data center. Our data center structured cabling experts will help identify your requirements and develop strategies for a structured wiring installation that provides efficient and optimized performance.

Types of Network Cabling Services

You want a certified network cable installer. The right cables to use to help insure a solid infrastructure depends on many factors including network size, required speed and topology. We are a network cabling contractor that uses network cabling best practices.


Tips on Finding and Hiring the Right Low Voltage Contractor

Whether it is a reorganization of an existing structured cabling system to accommodate growth, a simple network cabling installation, or a large project that includes the above and a whole shooting match of Video Security, Alarm, Access Control and Audio Visual services, you want to make sure you are hiring the best Low Voltage Contractor for the job. Taking the time to research and vet out potential subcontractors is well worth the effort and helps assure a successful finished product…

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