Android 12: All about Google’s new system; imminent release

Android 12: All about Google’s new system – imminent release

Scheduled to arrive in September, Android 12 has had several features released and will bring more personalization and privacy options. See the details!

Expected to hit smartphones during the second half of this year, Android 12 is the new version of Google’s operating system and will bring new features to users, making the user experience more personal, intuitive, and customizable. The new version also brings significant changes regarding user privacy, allowing access to application permissions, preventing the use of GPS location, and being notified as soon as an application uses the camera or microphone. Despite the great advance, for now, it is not possible to prevent apps like Facebook or Instagram from tracking navigation.

Beta version

The beta version of Android 12 is now available and can be installed from Google itself. As usual, the system first arrived for smartphones from the Pixel line and will later be released for other models, especially those that were launched between last year and 2021, covering several segments, such as intermediates and high-ends, for example.

The process of installing the new firmware on your cell phone is very simple but requires some care.

  • Pixel 3 (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 3 XL (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 3a (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 3a XL (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 4 (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 4 XL (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 4a (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 4a (5G) (Beta now available);
  • Pixel 5 (Beta now available);
  • Zenfone 8 (Beta now available)

It is noteworthy that the beta is unstable and may have errors and crashes during use. This version does not bring all the features that will arrive in the final version, although it allows you to check in advance some new features that will be present in Android 12, such as the new design of notifications on the lock screen or control panel.

Android 12 release

According to information leaked in a Google document, the editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, announced that Android 12 should have a stable version published on October 4th.

What to expect from the new Android?

Every year Google introduces new features in its operating system, making it more optimized to ensure greater battery life and adding new features, allowing the system to provide new options for productivity or customization. For this version, we will have major evolution in the Android interface, which will feature a fully modified control panel and similar to what is seen in the One UI, the native system of Samsung phones.

During the Google I/O event, held last week by Gigante das Buscas, it was informed that the company works to increase the possibility of customization, allowing the user to create their own color palettes. In addition, the developer revealed the addition of new privacy measures, a popular feature on iOS and which will be implemented on Android soon.

System news

Material You

Unlike the previous version, Android 12 will allow you to perform several changes to the system’s look, making Android more personal and meeting the taste of each person. The feature will use as a base the wallpaper color scale that is defined on the home screen, automatically creating a color scale that will be integrated into notifications, control panel, and settings options.

The company’s goal was to create a system that is pleasant, intuitive, and productive. Still, on the design of Android 12, new animations were also added – which can be disabled through developer mode – and which promise to make browsing more fluid.

Android 12: All about Google’s new system; imminent release
Android 12: All about Google s new system – New Android 12 interface

The notifications bar also received changes, bringing new icons, colors and adding a more rounded look, something that has been added since Android 10.

Control Panel and Animations

With options in rectangular format, the control panel received a significant change, keeping the possibility to customize the shortcuts. According to Google, Android 12 has received processing improvements to ensure a more efficient touch response to reduce CPU usage and increase battery life.

New animations on Android 12
New animations on Android 12


It’s likely that the addition of widget options in iOS 14 has caused Google to tweak this feature in Android and it hasn’t received attention for a long time from the company, which often focuses on other aspects of its firmware. In addition to being animated and synchronized with the applications, the widgets also received a design change, with rounded edges and greater interaction possibilities.

Android 12 - All about Google s new system -Widgets on Android 12
Android 12 – All about Google s new system -Widgets on Android 12


As for privacy, Android 12 brings two interesting new features: the possibility of restricting the use of the exact location generated by the GPS and notification of the use of the camera or microphone by applications. Both features are already present on iOS and will finally be implemented in Google’s system, allowing users to have new privacy settings, a topic that has been on the rise in recent years.

The first feature allows you to individually configure access to a location by applications, enabling or disabling access to accurate GPS, which provides the exact location of the device. By disabling the function, the application in question will only be able to view the approximate, generic location and which is not actually the current position of the cell phone.

Android 12: All about Google s new system - Notification of microphone and camera usage
Android 12: All about Google s new system – Notification of microphone and camera usage

The second, in turn, will inform you when any application is accessing the cell phone’s camera or microphone. The function is present in some Android variations and will finally arrive natively in the latest version.

When will the final version be released?

According to the schedule that was presented by Google, the new version of the system should be made official in the month of September, just like in past generations. Although the system arrives later this year, it is likely that mid-range phones will only receive the update in 2022, as manufacturers make changes to Android.

Android 12: All about Google s new system - Android 12 schedule
Android 12: All about Google s new system – Android 12 schedule

What did you think of the new Android 12? Did you miss any function? Tell us, comment!

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