Irish IT network solutions company Paradyn secured €2.8m in IT security deals with local authorities in the past year.

The provider said it has seen a significant increase in demand for services such as managed firewall, security event monitoring and alerting, integrated network and endpoint security, and security operation centre as a service.

The company has also launched a new service based on CIS critical security controls, which aims to deliver a recommended set of actions for improved cyber defence for local authorities.

Five local authorities have signed up for this service with combined deal values of more than €150,000.

Paradyn’s CEO, Cillian McCarthy, said it’s reassuring to see so many local authorities investing in proactive security defences to protect their systems.

“With remote working and online self-service options for the public becoming so important over the past 12 months, local authorities understood that they needed to considerably improve the security protection they offer both staff and citizens,” he said.

“Over the years we have worked with many local authorities across Ireland, we value their partnerships and always deliver services that match their evolving needs. Our specialist expertise allows us to deliver high-quality managed security services, especially as we face increased security challenges due to changing ways of working and the move to online public services.”

The growing need for security

From early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase in phishing scams and cyberattacks reported.

As the year rolled on, an Interpol assessment revealed a sharp rise in cyberattacks during Covid-19 with targets shift from individuals to governments and critical health infrastructure.

The arrival of 2021 saw cyberattacks have reach critical levels with global attacks on a major gas pipeline in the US and the massive cyberattack on Ireland’s Heath Service Executive (HSE).

In June 2020, Paradyn accelerated the launch of its €250,000 security operations centre in Cork due to the security fallout from Covid-19.

At the time, Paradyn’s chief operations officer Paul Casey said before the pandemic, most security was managed in a reactive mode. “The whole new approach for proactive security was the main driving force behind us establishing the security operations centre that we put in place,” he said.

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