As the title states, I make ~55k a year for a Top 3 in my industry company working in IT Asset Management. I’ve got a CSAM certification lined up, which I think will help tremendously with a career in ITAM, but I need to vastly expand my knowledge of all aspects of IT and would love to know what some good certs would be to go after, or languages to learn. Powershell is a big driver so I know C# would be good to know, but I’d like to know if you guys have any direction to offer. Any insight would be appreciated.

Edit: To note, I have ZERO certifications. Up until this point I’ve relied on the knowledge I’ve gained from college courses and from my job. I won’t provide specifics as to why I don’t have any certifications, but let’s just say the motivation is there to do what I need to do to further my career.

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